Genesis NFT

This page explains the details of Genesis NFT and the privileges Genesis holders will obtain.

Genesis NFT Definition

Genesis NFTs are: ‍The first batch (#1-10000) of NFTs created and minted for the Adventure Go World. ‍ They are uniquely designed by world-class designers, only offered in extremely limited amounts, and will not be reproduced after the launch of the project.

Genesis NFT Allocation

Group A: #1-2000, and special IDs with AAAA pattern (such as 8888): Reserved for the project team, investors, special contributors, sponsors, special events, special promotions

Group B: #2001-5000: Reserved for the first group of public Adventurers/Supporters through the pre-sale event.

Group C: #5001-10000: Reserved for the second group of the public Adventurers/Supporters through the pre-sale event.

Genesis NFT Privileges

  • Genesis NFT holders are entitled to share 50,000,000 ADO Governance Token (0.5% of total supply) Airdrop

    • See Note 1 below for detailed Explanation on claiming process

  • Special in-game perks that will only be available to the Genesis Adventurers/Supporters

  • A special mystery limited edition collection item (to be revealed in July) in the real world will be offered for the following scenarios:

    • Scenario A: Guaranteed item for holders who hold Group A & B (#1-5000) NFTs for a set of Watchbox and Shoebox

    • Scenario B: 500 lucky draws for remaining holders who hold Group C (#5001-10000) NFTs for a set of Watchbox and Shoebox

    • Scenario C: If a wallet holds one (#1-5000) NFT Shoebox and one (#5001-10000) NFT Watchbox, or vice versa, this wallet will only be qualified to participate in 500 lucky draws.

    • If one holder has more than one set of Genesis NFT items, this person is qualified to receive as many limited edition collection items as the number of sets of Genesis NFT items possessed

    • See Note 2 below for Process of Claiming Items

Note 1: Detailed explanation of claiming 50,000,000 ADO Token


  • Genesis holder needs to hold at least one unopened Genesis NFT box (Qualified Holder)

  • Genesis holder needs connect wallet in Adventure Go's Official Claim Webpage at least once (Qualified Wallet)


  • Claim Period: 14/08/2022 - 13/08/2023

  • Claim Method:

    • Adventure Go will release an Official Claim Webpage called "Adventure Training Arena"

    • As long as Qualified Wallet is connected once, the Wallet is registered, and by default, a "Master Bear Greeting Box" will be awarded in Qualified Holder's webpage account every day after

    • If Qualified Holder plays a mini game in the "Adventure Training Arena", this holder will receive a "Adventure Courage Box" instead

    • Adventure Courage Box contains ADO token (with small randomisation) + Courage Points

    • Master Bear Greeting Box only contains ADO token (with small randomisation)

    • If Qualified Holder has more than 1 unopened Genesis NFT boxes, Return = Prize x No. of Unopened Genesis NFTs

    • Courage Points can be used to exchange for NFTs, Badges and Titles

    • Everyone participates in mini game will be qualified for weekly training leaderboard (leaderboard of mini game). Leaderboard will be reset once a week, high rank players will receive extra prizes:

      1. Ranking #1-10: Every holder will be awarded with 10x “Adventure Courage Box”, and a title “Weekly Champion”

      2. Ranking #11-50: Every holder will be awarded with 3x “Adventure Courage Box”

      3. Ranking #51-100: Every holder will be awarded with 1x “Master Bear Greeting Box”

    • Total Adventure Training ArenaPrize Pool is 50,000,000 ADO token

    • ADO token will be withdrawable and transferrable to game wallet or exchange after IEO

Note 2: Process of Claiming Mystery Limited Edition Items

  • A snapshot of Genesis holders will be taken just before Public Beta Launch (PBL) to confirm the ownership and #ID of the set of NFTs. The lucky draw will run at the same time to select 500 lucky winners and a webpage will be available for holders to confirm their qualification

  • Qualified holders need to create a ticket through a special claim channel in discord and provide their names and addresses to make the delivery possible

  • This item is scheduled to be manufactured over the following 2 months from PBL and posted in the following month after.

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