Game Modes

Seek Mode


In SOLO Mode, users are equipped with NFT Watch to SEEK and open treasure boxes. To begin, users simply press GO and check the map for rough locations and types of treasure boxes. Then, users simply need to move to the indicated proximity of the treasure box. Once the user is within proximity of a treasure box, a SEEK button will appear and the user can select the SEEK button to activate SEEK mode.

Within SEEK mode, the camera will turn on activating Augmented Reality (AR) features and a compass. Users utilize compass directions in conjunction with other hints to SEEK the exact location to claim treasure boxes.

Each treasure box is unique with different levels and properties. Depending on the user's equipment and status, conditional treasure boxes may appear which can only be opened once certain conditions to met.

There’s no limit on how many boxes a user can open over a twenty-four (24) hour period, however, there’s a sixty (60) minute cool down period after each Treasure Box Opening Event (TBOE).

Each NFT Watch contains three (3) attributes that determine its treasure hunting capability:

  1. Range Attribute - The higher the range attribute, the further the Watch can SEEK treasure boxes

  2. Accuracy Attribute - The higher the accuracy, the smaller the indicative proximity will be, and the more treasure box information can be obtained beforehand

  3. Luck Attribute - the higher the luck, the higher the chance the reward will be upgraded or bonus rewards received.


In TEAM mode (under development), users can build up teams of up to four (4) other users. Users can add other users to their team and potentially earn more rewards when they are within close proximity to each other. Specific types of RUNES can embed on equipment to provide a buff effect to the entire team to further increase rewards.


In CLAN mode (under development), users can establish clans of up to 30 other users. ADVENTURE GO special events and competitions such as the "Heritage of the World" events. These events focus on encouraging members of a Clan to compete, work together and achieve a common goal to SEEK valuable clan rewards.

NOTE: Every user can only join TEAM or CLAN once every 24 hours.

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