Runes and Sockets

Rune Types and Level

Users are able to unlock Rune Sockets once their Shoes reach a certain level, and are able to enhance their Shoes or other abilities by inserting the corresponding Runes into the unlocked Sockets. There are four (4) types of Runes:

There are four types of Runes:

  1. Individual Rune - enhance individual attributes /abilities

  2. Team Rune - enhance team attributes/abilities

  3. Clan Rune - enhance clan attributes/abilities

  4. Legendary Rune - provide powerful enhancements or special abilities for the individual, team, and clan which can only be inserted into Legendary socket in Legendary and A. Legendary Shoes

  5. Consumable Rune - a one-off rune that can be burnt to achieve objectives such as minting, crafting of special items, and more.

By heading to the Craft tab under the Runes section, users can craft their Runes by burning ABE/ADO and combining three (3) Runes to craft a new Rune. Only Runes from the same class can be crafted.

Socket Types

Depending on the quality of Shoe, a Shoe has 1-5 Sockets identified by icons that match a class type.

Table: Socket Quality

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