ADVENTURE GO is a Web3 app with inbuilt Fit-Fi, Game-Fi, and Social-Fi elements.

ADVENTURE GO is the world's first Seek-to-Earn (S2E), and also the world's first non-pyramid scheme Web3 app, which promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging users to go out and SEEK for hidden treasures placed around the globe and get rewarded in the journey.

ADVENTURE GO allows users of all age groups and fitness levels, to improve their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

The project team keeps global economic recovery from the pandemic close to their hearts by creating commercial opportunities for all commercial sectors, tourism authorities, and other organizations to utilize the ADVENTURE GO app as a powerful marketing tool to improve business.

ADVENTURE GO contains the following two (2) different modes in the app:

  1. SEEK mode

  2. MOVE mode.

Users acquire unique ADVENTURE GO Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) e.g. WATCHES and SHOES using cryptocurrency to start collecting rewards. Anyone at Anytime and Anywhere using the ADVENTURE GO app enjoys the fun of seeking and collecting treasure boxes.

NOTE: ADVENTURE GO is currently under Internal Beta Phase (IBP), hence the contents in this Whitepaper are subject to change in the future.

NOTE: Whilst users can be rewarded for both seeking and moving, the game is designed to create a more rewarding experience in SEEK mode (Primary) compared to MOVE mode (Secondary).


  1. Game Token - ABE (Abeona)

  2. Governance Token ADO (Adiona)

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