Adventurer Training Arena

Before Adventurers begin their journey, the Adventurer’s Guild sends Kung fu master “MasterBear” to provide training to all Genesis Adventurers. For this purpose, the Adventurer’s Guild also built the “Adventure Training Arena” for all Genesis Adventurers.

Adventure Training Arena Rules

1. Opening hours: 14/08/2022, all day long, for one year

2. Membership: All Genesis Adventurer and Master Bear

3. How to obtain membership: Genesis Adventurer must connect wallet in Training Arena once to register qualification

4. Adventure Training Arena will rank all Adventurers on weekly basis

5. Genesis Adventurers can participate in daily training for multiple times, the highest score will be recorded on the weekly leaderboard

6. After Adventurers enter the Adventure Go world, they will become a real Adventure and start their treasure hunting journey (that is, when Genesis NFT boxes are opened), and they will not be able to return to the Training Arena

Adventure Training Arena Prize

1. If Genesis Adventurer participates in daily training, they will be awarded with 1x “Adventure Courage Box”. The box will be opened at award event and will contain “Courage Points”

2. If Genesis Adventurer complete the "Daily Check-in" event, they will be awarded with 1x “Master Bear Greeting Box”, which contains “ADO token”

3. If Genesis Adventurer holds multiple NFTs, Return = Prize x No. of Unopened Genesis NFTs

4. Weekly leaderboard only records Adventurers’ highest score

5. Total Adventure Training Arena Prize Pool is 50,000,000 ADO token

Adventure Training Arena Weekly Leaderboard Prize

1. Ranking #1-10: Every Adventurer will be awarded with 10x “Adventure Courage Box”, and a title “Weekly Champion”

2. Ranking #11-50: Every Adventurer will be awarded with 3x “Adventure Courage Box”

3. Ranking #51-100: Every Adventurer will be awarded with 1x “Master Bear Greeting Box”

*Genesis Adventurer is Genesis NFT holder who owns at least one Genesis NFT box (unopened)

*ADO token will be withdrawable and transferrable to game wallet or exchange after IEO

Courage Points

Courage Point is the proof of the courage of the Adventurer. It has the following use cases:

  1. Accumulation of Courage Points will allow users to level up to achieve certain titles

  2. Courage Points can be used to play “Wheel of Fortune”. The prizes of "Wheel of Fortune" include the items below:

Wheel of Fortune Prizes

Genesis NFT Shoebox

The Tear OF The Goddess

Landmark Card (Free mint)

CPOI Card (Free mint)

Second Round Whitelist

Collab Whitelist

"Lucky Star" DC Title

30 CPs

15 ABE Tokens

10 ADO Tokens

Try Again (Play Again)

Thanks for Playing (No Prize)

3. In later stage, CPs can also be used to exchange for prizes in Adventurers’ Guild, such as shoe box, watch box, pet egg, Badge, Title, and mystery airdrops

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