Unlocking Treasure Box

Although a portion of Treasure boxes can be opened with no condition, there are many Treasure boxes that can only be opened when certain conditions are met.
Table: Treasure Box Conditions
No condition
Can be opened straight away
Level of Watch
Requires Watch to be at certain level and above
Key (at different levels)
Requires NFT key of certain level and above
Number of people
Requires additional people to open together
Can only be opened under certain weather
Time of the day
Can only be opened during day/night
Solving puzzles
Requires a puzzle to be solved
Type of pet
Requires matched type of pet equipped while unlocking treasure box (fire, water, electricity, earth etc)
Special requirement
Special requirements for special events such as the Heritage of the World Treasure Hunt
There’s no limit on how many boxes a user can open over a day but there’s a 60 mins cooldown period after each Treasure Box Opening Event (TBOE).