Anti-Cheating/Abusing System

The following three (3) mechanics (but not limited to) are used to stop cheating in the game, which includes the cheater's account being punished or permanently banned:

  1. Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking

  2. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI)

  3. Hackware/Simulation/Data manipulation detection.

Using devices that have been jailbroken, rooted, or with an altered Operating System (OS) will result in in-app features being unavailable.

Transferring Watches and Shoes from one account to another account will result in entering a COOLDOWN period. During COOLDOWN periods, the Non-Tungible Token (NFT) is not available for use.

NOTE - ADVENTURE GO that we will not assist you to retrieve your losing assets as a result of using GPS spoofing or tampering/hacking is detected.

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